iAdvantage Software Launches e-Study Manager™

CARY, NC (June 23, 2005)  —  iAdvantage, a leading provider of software solutions for managing development and pre-clinical life science studies, today announced the launch of e-Study Manager, a Web-based system that integrates study design, e-notebook design, data collection and data reporting.

Designed by scientists for scientists, e-Study Manager follows the same logical study flow that scientists employ. It enables scientists to work with greater speed and efficiency and with fewer errors from study setup through reporting.

"By eliminating paper systems and islands of automation, e-Study Manager improves communication, increases productivity and reduces time to market," said Dr. Fate Thompson, president and CEO of iAdvantage. "e-Study Manager's unique reporting tool allows critical business decisions, such as product go/no go, to be made at any point in the study life cycle, preventing the waste of critical resources."

By automating data collection, the software allows scientists from the same or separate sites to access the study, record their findings and pull supporting data into one secure database. Designated team members can collect, access, share, analyze and report the information quickly and easily. Patent-pending technology in e-Study Manager also provides on-demand document generation, reducing final report creation time from weeks to minutes and providing real-time business intelligence information.

iAdvantage will introduce e-Study Manager at IQPC's Electronic Laboratory Notebooks conference July 26-27 in Boston, MA.

About iAdvantage Software, Inc.
iAdvantage creates value for its clients by improving data communication, productivity, real-time business intelligence and time to market. This is achieved through the use of the company's electronic study management software for development and pre-clinical life science studies (pharmaceutical and biotechnology). With e-Study Manager™, scientists increase their productivity in study design, e-notebook design, data collection and data reporting while saving time, money and maintaining data integrity (complying with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations). iAdvantage is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, near the life science and biotech hub of Research Triangle Park. More than 140 life science companies in North America and Europe use the company's products in their research and development. For more information, please visit or call 919-469-3888.

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