July 26, 2005

iAdvantage's eStudy™ Software Gains Functionality through
Strategic Partnership

iAdvantage partners with Saffron Technology to improve data manipulation,
analysis and decision making.

CARY, NC (July 26, 2005)  —   iAdvantage Software, a leading provider of software solutions for managing development and pre-clinical life science studies, today announced an agreement with Saffron Technology to embed SaffronWeb, the company's real-time associative memory software, into iAdvantage's eStudy™. With this new functionality, eStudy will allow researchers to more quickly and accurately understand associations and correlations within their data.

"Adding SaffronWeb to eStudy brings remarkable new power to researchers," said Dr. Fate Thompson, president and CEO of iAdvantage. "Researchers can easily query study data, analyze outlier data, and ask the 'show me what's interesting' question within and across multiple data sets."

By incorporating SaffronWeb, researchers will be able to use eStudy to manipulate data without getting an IT person involved. Study scientists can quickly review and understand new data relationships, giving them increased speed and accuracy in making decisions.

"We see the iAdvantage partnership as a solid fit for SaffronWeb," said Dr. Manuel Aparicio, CEO of Saffron Technology. "SaffronWeb's unique benefit comes in its ability to search within large, seemingly unrelated data sources and show new associations that may have affected study results. eStudy data queries powered by SaffronWeb will enable researchers to move beyond reporting study data to analyzing, learning from and acting on research information."

iAdvantage's eStudy Version 5.0 will include the SaffronWeb component. This product release is scheduled for Q3 2005.

About iAdvantage Software
iAdvantage creates value for its clients by improving data communication, productivity, real-time business intelligence and time to market. This is achieved through the use of the company's electronic study management software for development and pre-clinical life science studies (pharmaceutical and biotechnology). With eStudy™, scientists increase their productivity in study design, eNotebook design, data collection and data reporting while saving time, money and maintaining data integrity (complying with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations). iAdvantage is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, near the life science and biotech hub of Research Triangle Park. More than 140 life science companies in North America and Europe use the company's products in their research and development. For more information, please visit or call 919-469-3888.

About Saffron Technology
Saffron Technology, based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., is a privately held software company that addresses information overload and data complexity issues with highly scalable, knowledge discovery solutions. Its flagship product, SaffronWeb, is a leading-edge discovery technology that helps analysts uncover associations between seemingly unrelated pieces of information. It has the ability to mine millions of pieces of data to identify connections that draw users down a path of discovery leading to new insights, directions and conclusions - all in real time. SaffronWeb enables analysts to work more effectively and with significantly greater speed to produce verifiable, actionable results. For more information, visit

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