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On-demand report generation that is user-defined and user-controlled from within a 100% web-based point and click environment. Now, you can convert your word processing documents into powerful report templates that can pull-in real-time data from multiple sources in seconds.

EDC Challenge
Proliferating Electronic Data Capture (EDC) technologies are being implemented from research and development organizations, financial institutions, manufacturing and distribution centers to on-line transactional processing (OLTP) and customer resource management. With this implementation comes the challenge as companies face many "islands of automation", each having its own database and static reports. All of these issues make it close to impossible to get data from multiple sources and generate reports when you want them and the way you want them with all of the data in the same report. The massive amount of data that is captured and stored can quickly create daunting tasks trying to assemble only the data that is critical for each report.

ePublisher Solution
ePublisher™ overcomes disparate systems and cumbersome rigid reporting tools to put freedom and flexibility in the hands of its users.

ePublisher™ is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, web-based report generator. On-demand flexibility is given to users to design report templates and generate reports (ad-hoc, status and/or final). Each report can contain data that is simultaneously accessed from multiple databases (e.g., Oracle™ and SQL™) and flat files (e.g., Excel spreadsheets, csv files from analytical instruments) and generated into familiar word processing or spreadsheet formats for review and edit or in a format such as .pdf for lock down. With ePublisher, report generation is reduced from weeks to seconds - improving productivity and reducing time-to-results.

User-Defined Template Design
The power of ePublisher is revealed most prominently during report template design. ePublisher allows the user unlimited creativity in how data is formatted for final output. Users have the ability to build report templates using familiar word processing and spreadsheet software implementing single data points, text, tables, and images without the assistance of their IT department.

On-Demand Report Generation
On-demand, clients simply select the report template of choice and click ™Generate Report.™ The report is available in seconds with all of the data simultaneously generated from the sources identified within the template and embedded directly into one report (output in Word, WordPerfect, PDF, Excel or Directly to your Document Management System) It's that easy!

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