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September 26, 2012    view pdf
iAdvantage Introduces eStudy Mobile Edition for the iPad

September 26, 2012    view pdf
App Cuisine Ports iAdvantage eStudy Mobile Edition to the iPad

May 19, 2011    view pdf
Leading Ag Biotechnology Companies in Europe and America Save 50-80% of Field Study Management Time with eStudy

April 13, 2011    view pdf
Analytical Bio-Chemistry (ABC) Laboratories Implements eStudy™ Hosted Platform to Support its Ecotoxicology and Other Service Offerings

March 9, 2011    view pdf
BioTox Sciences (BTS) Deploys eStudy™ Hosted Solution for Management of GLP & Non-GLP Preclinical Studies

June 21-25, 2009    view pdf
eStudy is Showcased at the DIA 45th Annual Meeting in the Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences Booth

June 16, 2009    view pdf
Springborn Deploys eStudy™ Hosted Solution for Management of Global Environmental Testing

May 5-6, 2009    view pdf
iAdvantage Software was one of 18 partners to exhibit at the Microsoft Enterprise Developer Conference

March 8-13, 2009    view pdf
iAdvantage's eStudy was demonstrated in the Dell Booth at Pittcon 2009

May 23, 2006    view pdf
iAdvantage Software Announces July 1st Release of Enhanced eStudy™ v5.0

May 3, 2006    view pdf
iAdvantage Selects Dendrite as Service Provider for its' eStudy™ Hosted Solution

April 25, 2006    view pdf
iAdvantage Software launches ePublisher™

April 18, 2006    view pdf
iAdvantage Announces eStudy™ as a Hosted Solution

January 25, 2006    view html
iAdvantage Announces Addition to its Board of Advisors

January 15, 2006    view pdf
Electronic Study Management - New technology to increase the efficiency of pre-clinical studies

October 19, 2005    view html
iAdvantage Adds IBM Sales Executive to its Board of Advisors

August 25, 2005    view html
DRUG DEVELOPMENT:  Last Frontier of Automation

July 26, 2005    view html
iAdvantage's eStudy™ Software Gains Functionality through Strategic Partnership

July 21, 2005    view pdf
Reed Life Science News  »  Software That Handles Pre-Clinical Studies

June 23, 2005    view html
iAdvantage Software Launches eStudy Manager™

February 22, 2005    view html
Syngenta Signs Perpetual License for Global Use of iAdvantage™ PMA Software

November 30, 2004    view html
iAdvantage Software Launches Data Management System™

April 21, 2004    view html
Embrex Selects iAdvantage Software to Power Research and Development Data Management

August 20, 2003    view html
iAdvantage Software selected to demo at CED'S INFOTECH 2003 CONFERENCE