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Creating value through vision and commitment

The Need to Improve Productivity
Today's eStudy and ePublisher products were born out of the desperate need of two Scientists, Drs. Fate and Ron Thompson, managing a global contract research organization (CRO) focused on chemical and biological development studies. They were faced with disparate data, manual paper processes, and weeks after study completion for final report preparation and invoicing.

The Solution Defined and Implemented
It was evident that computerization was a paramount need and managing data in a relational database would be key to improve productivity. The process would have to allow flexibility to design studies and capture data in the same manner in which they worked. Marrying their business practice with a scalable and fexible solution design was a challenging task, yet it was this critical core change that was necessary to ensure the continued growth of their CRO. The new process was a success. Study management costs and time for report generation were greatly reduced by the new software solution.

iAdvantage Software Inc. Created
iAdvantage software was first developed for internal use. In 1999, driven by market demand, the first commercial software product was released for use by others. Following many years of intense software development and successful product commercialization, the talent and expertise of the software application development division was formalized into its own entity: iAdvantage Software, Inc. Today, iAdvantage serves scientists in 140 leading life-science companies in Europe and North America.

Today's Products
iAdvantage Software products offer scientist the ability to Design, Capture, Analyze and Report multiple study types from one software solution. eStudy is validated to GLP and 21CFR Part 11 specifications, have been continually updated, utilizing the latest development tools. All iAdvantage products are 100% web-based. The current eStudy™ platform which contains eStudy Manager™, eStudy Notebook™ and eStudy Publisher™ modules have recently been enhanced with the integration eStudy DataCipher™ a sophisticated query and statistical analysis and visualization tool powered by StatSofts' WebSTATISTICA. eStudy is now offered as an Installed or Hosted Solution and can operate in on-line and off-line mode. In July of 2006, eStudy Publisher™, the reporting tool within estudy, was introduced as a stand-alone product - ePublisher™.

iAdvantage Software still stands by the basic development criteria defined by the founding scientists:
  • User-Defined, User Controlled
  • Easy to Learn and Use
  • Streamline Data Capture and Accessibility Process
  • Provide Flexibility, Functionality and Scalability in a Secure Regulated Environment
  • Report Data On-demand from Multiple Data Sources in User Defined Familiar Formats
  • Bottom Line User Benefits:
    • Improve Productivity, Reduce Time-To-Results and Increase Revenue