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Once the system is installed, iAdvantage Software will get your entire team up-to-speed and operating the new software effectively and efficiently. We provide specific training programs designed to meet the unique needs of your implementation. Experienced iAdvantage Software trainers introduce features and functionality to system administrators, design scientists and investigative scientists. Training is available at your facility or at the iAdvantage Software facility in Cary, North Carolina.

If requested, iAdvantage Software will customize the user training to meet the specific customer needs.

Administrator Training
iAdvantage administrators are trained to implement and maintain the iAdvantage eStudy™ platform administration program. Attendees learn how to administer the groups, users and privileges as well as the electronic signature and audit tools that are created within the software. A hands-on approach is used for building and managing program security and data integrity.

Design Scientist Training
This training program is for individuals who design studies and determine the data management and requirements for capturing instrument and/or report data from various sources. After completing this program, the individuals will be able to design studies, create web data collection forms and easily generate reports using iAdvantage Software. User manuals are provided. Design Scientists are trained on eStudy Manager, eStudy DataCipher and eStudy Publisher.

Investigative Scientist Training
For investigative scientists, iAdvantage Software offers quality assurance training, quality control education and eStudy Notebook instruction that is focused on data entry and transfer. Topics include a description of how data are captured, searched, viewed, stored, approved and reported. User manuals are provided.

iAdvantage provides in-depth instruction to administrators and users. Administrator's are trained to set Security Permissions, Manage Variables, Data Tables and Data Sets. Users will learn to design report templates, manage and design templates and tables, including the ability to add queries and formulas. The end result is a three step process to generate a comprehensive report in seconds.